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Base Line Safety Improvement Project - Improved Traffic Flow - 10/13/16
Yesterday afternoon the City's contractor removed traffic control for eastbound traffic on Base Line at SR-210 to eliminate closure of the number one lane since it is no longer needed at this time. With this removal of the traffic control devices, the dual left-turns lanes have been reopened for the westbound off ramp at Base Line and SR-210. In addition, the contractor is also going to open up the second eastbound left-turn on Base Line at Boulder Avenue this morning before noon. These traffic control revisions will provide improved traffic circulation and reduce delays for motorists traveling through Base Line. However, it should be noted that closure of the westbound number one lane on Base Line between Boulder Avenue and Seine Avenue will be closed until the landscape median work is completed. We anticipate the median landscape to be completed in November of 2016.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Finance Department

Dog Licensing Information

The City of Highland has a multiple year license program available. The brochure and application can be downloaded from here. Licensing may be done in person at City Hall or through the mail:

City of Highland, Finance Department
27215 Base Line
Highland, CA 92346

Spayed/Neutered Not Spayed/Neutered Senior Citizen (55+) or disabled with an altered dog

Q: Who do I call if my pet is missing, I find a stray animal, or I need a trap?
A: Please call the San Bernardino County Animal Control: (800) 472-5609 to handle all animal enforcement services in our city.

Finance Publications

You may obtain a copy of the budget or financial statements in person or through the mail along with appropriate fee:

City of Highland, Finance Department
27215 Base Line
Highland, CA 92346


You may contact the Finance Department for the copies available and appropriate mailing fees. If there are any questions regarding items listed in either document, please contact the Finance Department: (909) 864-6861.

Some documents are available online and can be downloaded free of charge. Please check out our Downloads page.

Special Taxes and Assessments

Your property tax bill pays for the following:

Purchasing Information

to be placed on the City's bid list for products or services, you need to mail or bring to the City the following information:

If mailing, send to:

City of Highland
Attn: Purchasing Division
27215 Base Line
Highland,CA 92346

As items or services are needed, the information will be extracted from the files and vendors will be notified of our needs. For any other purchasing questions, call the Purchasing Division: (909) 864-6861, ext. 208.

General Accounting Information

Finance Department: (909) 864-6861
For questions regarding:

Business Licenses

A business license is required any time you are providing a service or selling a product within the City limits. Depending on the type of license, the fees vary:

These are all first-year fees. The current renewal rate is $35 plus $1 SB1186 fee for all types of businesses.

All applications are available for download on our Downloads page.

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