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Sand and Sandbag Information

City Council District Map


Community Crime Mapping

SB-272 Compliance


General Documents
RFP for City Creek/Alabama Street Bikeways (str17001)
7-Eleven on Greenspot
On-Call Right-of-Way Services
CalRecycle Project Acknowledgement and Photographs
Final Housing Element and Initial Study 2014-2021
Greenspot Village & Marketplace
Harmony Specific Plan

Building and Safety

Building and Safety handouts, applications and documents can be downloaded here.


Adopted 2017-2019 Budget
Adopted 2015-2017 Budget
2016-2017 Comprehensive Annual Finance Report
2015-2016 Comprehensive Annual Finance Report
2014-2015 Comprehensive Annual Finance Report
2013-2014 Comprehensive Annual Finance Report
2013-2015 Adopted Budget

Business Licenses


Planning applications and documents can be downloaded here.